Parts & Repair

Here at Walker we take pride in delivering a comprehensive service to each and every client. This means that we employ hand-picked engineers who share our ethos of excellence. We then ensure that they receive the training needed to remain fully compliant with the latest developments in the field of Safety Cabinets and related matters. Finally, we source, supply and fit an extremely wide range of parts and equipment.

Wherever possible, we try to carry out any repairs needed on the day of our initial visit, rather than having to charge for a return call-out. The fact that we can draw on established supply lines of equipment helps to make this sort of premium service possible.

We can provide the following parts


We can source, supply and fit all sizes of HEPA, UPLA, Carbon Filters and Prefilters as required, including bespoke filters made to measure for specific requirements.

Printed Circuit Boards

We can supply, fit and commission replacement circuit boards which are still being made for all makes of Safety Cabinet, Laminar Flow Units and Fume Cupboards. In addition, we can usually supply and fit circuit boards to the majority of room operation systems.


We can generally source all makes of fans for any make of cabinet. Even if the original fan is no longer being manufactured we can still often locate a replacement.

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Any other parts

Our expert engineers are able to diagnose faults in any make of Safety Cabinet. Having done so, we can then supply, fit and commission many of the parts needed to get them working again. The number and diversity of the parts we can find and fit is just one of the reasons why we lead the field in Safety Cabinet servicing and repair.

Just a few of the other parts we can source, fit and commission:

  • Lighting
  • Control parts
  • UV lamps
  • Door catches
  • Switches
  • Sash position sensors
  • Airflow sensors
  • Pressure switches
  • Indicators
  • Fans

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